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Hellions Episode 1: SuperNova. The online novel

"Khadijah, please, don't get involved in this," he says. "This could be serious." "And?!" she says. "Maybe you haven't seen these government heavy-types before, doc. They ransack the place, trying to cover up something they did or started," she says. "All I'm wondering is, what'd she do? Who is she really? And why are the feds sooo interested?" Khadijah says.
Meanwhile, government agents arrive outside the perimeter of the farm, which is surrounded by local police officers. "That is the facility," Hilga Swartz says. "I have assembled you all - the B Team - for this special mission. Do not fail. We'll have to go through the cops to infiltrate," she says. She's accompanied by a team of uber-espionage hackers: Angel Winski, Carmen de Pella and Anakira Simpson. "We're going to make this girl squeal until she tells us everything," Carmen says. "Remember, girls, we're here to retrieve information about NetherMind. Epiffany will tell us all we need to know," Hilga says. "If anybody gets in your way, kill them."
The women slip through the tight security of the facility. Anakira and Hilga manage to foil the cops guarding the female ward where Epiffany is housed. Meanwhile Khadijah and Dr. Adams are told to leave the premises.
Khadijah discusses the case with Dr. Adams On the outside, Kadijah confides in Dr. Adams that she has slipped a laptop computer to Epiffany. "I want to see what she's got inside that head of hers," Khadijah says. "Obviously she's a genius. I mean, if she can outfox three teams of federal agents then she's got it going on," she says.
"Khadijah, I can't believe you gave a patient computer access," Dr. Adams says. "That's a serious offense - I mean, what happens if they shut us down?" "Look, Dr. Adams, you and I both know there's something fishy going on here. It's just a matter of time before this thing blows up like a supernova," she says.
"Besides, I've been reading some of Epiffany's writings. She writes so much she goes through three tablets a day. Office supply can't keep up. The computer is a way to give her a canvas for these ideas she's got. Plus, the girl is talented as heck," Khadijah says.
"Yes. I'm aware of it," the doctor says. "She's on some sisterhood kick - she's got some of the other patients, like Pandora, eating it up, too," she says. "Quite frankly, it"s alarming." "No, it's about time," Khadijah shoots back.