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Hellions Episode 1: SuperNova. The online novel

At that instant, their attention was caught by the teletube: "A woman reportedly a patient of the farm - spray-painted the mantra on the side of the building." "Let's move!" they both say. Meanwhile, also looking at the TV screen in her apartment is Hilga Swartz's counterpart, Anakira Simons. Anakira and Hilga search the computer "This is too great to behold," she says to her boyfriend, Rick Leven. "I'm running a digisearch as we watch this - trying to find out who is this scaling the building," she says.
"Anakira, this little sideshow could work for our benefit," he says.
Leven was a local TV science reporter who had done stories and research on biotechnology. He and Anakira met five years ago in school in South Africa. "The Triage has caught on slowly that Epiffany has used NetherMind to break into the NetherNet," he says. "We've got to continue to shield her for as long as possible, or at least until her infamous dreams take her to the gates of the Nethernet."
"Then we'll remove her brainchip and scan the data, unlocking the Triage's holy grail," Anakira says.
Dreamscape: Epiffany is fast asleep in the dead of the night. She opens her eyes and she's there. There ... and nowhere. Total whiteness. An empty space devoid of color. "Am ... I dead?" she says to herself. "A ... I ... in heaven?" she says. Anakira and Hilga search the computer "Not heaven, my child," a voice behind her says.
"You are in the Great White Space, virtual immortality," the voice says. Epiffany turns around and there she is, the voice that she has come to know in this Netherplace.
"Minerva!" a relieved Epiffany calls out.
Minerva was the beautiful muse of her dreams. She comforted her, she guided her, she consoled her. "Minerva, where am I? What am I -"
"You will live in the Great White Space until you decide to rule your own fate," Minerva says. "There isn't much time, child. You must liberate your children, free ... your sisters," she says. "Don't you know that the Nephelem are coming?" she says.
"You must break the code, my child," she says. "Women everywhere depend upon you." Meanwhile, in secret offices in Geneva, Switzerland. A group of representatives from powerful nation convene in a secret meeting with audacious designs.