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Hellions Episode 1: SuperNova. The online novel

But Epiffany was one of its benevolent forces. She worked for a firm that specialized in foiling online criminal plots to cause havoc in the world's computers.
Hacking became a lot more important - and crucial to world peace - with the merging of the biological and digital realms. Epiffany had been a top worker for the classified online project called NetherMind. It was a project that involved designing parameters for future calendars - 100 years in advance, or so she thought - and it was done on a top-secret "subline" of the Internet.
Only, it was bigger than the Internet, darker. Where the online universe of the Internet operated in a vast open white space, this Nethernet operated in a dark hole, virtually pulling everything around in into it.
The project had landed Epiffany in the mental farm, where her comingllng of space and time befuddled her life, culminating in weird dreams she would have that would mix alternate realities in a skewed landscape.
In these dreams, she'd be visited by "Minerva," who'd guide her through the fog, through the pure, blinding white light. Minerva was pretty, calming and seductive all at once. Epiffany would draw pictures of her to show to her caseworkers, but they wouldn't believe her.
She knew she had to leave this place. Her computer was teeming with sensitive information, not to mention the code framework to NetherMind. But little did she know it was too late.