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Hellions Episode 4: March of the Juggernaut: The online novel

"This is Rick Leven, Fox News, your source for accuracy. I am back on the scene just south of the New York Harbor in New York, New York. About 20 minutes ago, the Triage headquarters about half a mile into the sea was attacked by an unknown entity of immense power. blafi promo Fire and molten metal is all that is left of the U.S.S. Alexander warship. I cannot confirm that any official members of the Triage are alive. But I can confirm that none seem to have been rescued. Witnesses report a woman flying, yes, flying ... to the ship and commencing to attacking it with fiery missiles. Again, this is all unconfirmed by officials but witnessed by several citizens, folks." blafi promo "There are also reports of extraterrestrial activity all across the world at this time. We can't confirm that those events are related to today's explosions that felled the Alexander. Witness accounts describe a woman with laser bolts shooting out of her hands. She is described as doing several things out of the ordinary, including being airborne." Then, "Wait, this just in. Our tech staff says we have obtained footage from a camera inside the Alexander. As you can see on the screen, the woman with the staff ... she's ... she's the one that did this. To our viewers out there, we apologize for the grainy quality of this footage; this is actual surveillance via the Alexander and was downloaded from the Triage's mainframe computers aboard the ship via a virtual 'black box,' which our tech staff was able to hack into. This footage is taking place actual moments before the ship was attacked. "We shall make our presence felt immediately in this land." "New York, behold the power of the Black Lilac!"